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Plastic products extrusion blow molding

Issuing time:2021-05-14 16:53

Plastic products extrusion blowing molding production unit, sheet extrusion molding production line, flat wire extrusion molding production line, single wire extrusion molding production line, packaging belt extrusion molding cattle production line, plastic mesh, composite material extrusion molding production line, etc.

The characteristics of the production line is according to the user's requirements, mold design, the machine can produce many specifications, different shapes of plastic pipe, and different products, the second is the screw design more mature, the product quantity and plasticizing performance is good, no burrs, and has a high qualification rate, 3 it is vacuum cooling water circulation system, environmental protection and energy saving, four is convenient in the die and faster

Plastic extruder is a common plastic mechanical equipment, in the daily operation of the process of extruder, extruder will inevitably appear a variety of faults, affecting the normal production of plastic machinery, we on the extruder fault analysis in detail.

During the operation, it is important to realize that the cylinder heater is not in fact the primary source of heat, and that it may have less effect on the extrusion than we expected. The temperature of the rear cylinder is important because it affects the rate at which solids are transported in the feed or in the denture. Except for specific purposes (such as glazing, fluid distribution, or pressure control), the head and die temperature should be at or near the melt temperature.

Profile production line has plastic extrusion profile production line, plastic pipe production line, plastic sheet production line. The use of plastic extruding profiled material equipment is mainly plastic doors and Windows profiled material, plastic decorative plate, PVC pipe production line foam profiled material and other plastic products production.

Co-extruding plastic profilers plastic extruding machine production line has simple process, flexible application, low scrap rate, easy recovery, bond strength control, and other characteristics compared with ordinary pre-co-extruding. Now this technology is mainly used in the manufacture of doors and Windows with sealing strip profiles.

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