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PVC foam board

Product Details

PVC low-vesicant board is a kind of low-vesicant product, with PVC resin as the principal material, mixed with certain amount of vesicant and other accessory ingredients, and processed through professional extruding line. It has skin formation on the two sides, and well-proportioned pore structure inside. The normal density of the board is 0.5- 0.95g/cm3, with thickness of 3-30mm, width 1-2m. According to the different producing and processing technic, PVC low-vesicant board can be sorted into three kinds: free vesicant board, skin formation vesicant board and coextrusion vesicant board.

Since the density, processability, appearance and texture of PVC low-vesicant board are quite similar to those of natural wood, this kind of vesicant board is sometimes called “synthetic wood”.

It’s a new type of green environment protecting material, which possesses the characters of light, strong, fire-proof, sound-proof, heat-insulating, damp-proof, water-proof, corrosion resistant and long service life, etc, and can be processed by means of nailing, boring, planing, chiseling, riveting and stickup, etc. It bears all kinds of processability of wood, and is convenient for secondary operation as well as hot forming. This kind of product looks elegant and feels comfortable, with plentiful patterns and various colors. The surface of the board is available for fabrication processing such as color printing, tectorial membrane and spray-painting, etc.

Application area of PVC low-vesicant board




Inner face of vehicles such as car, ship, train, etc, and the
supporting facilities.

Advertising & exhibition

Exhibition hall, exhibition table, billboard.

Architectural decoration

Room clapboard, trailer, indoor and outdoor decoration

board, floorboard, house in damp environment, tabernacle,
architectural templates

Industrial field

Inside lining of chemical storage tank, hot-worked
laminated board, base material of plastic-aluminum board,
board of refrigeration house.

Office & room

Indoor furniture and office accommodations.


All kinds of scutcheon, traffic sign, stadium board, sound
insulation board and fire-proof board used in theatre, etc.

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