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Floor, the surface layer of the floor or floor of a house. Made of wood or other materials. There are many types of flooring, according to the structure: solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, three-layer solid wood composite flooring, bamboo and wood flooring, anticorrosive flooring, cork flooring, and currently popular multi-layered solid wood flooring. Household, commercial, anti-static floor, outdoor floor, special floor for stage dance, special floor for sports hall, special floor for track and field, etc. According to environmental protection classification: E0 floor, E1 floor, F4 floor, JAS star Standard F4 star floor and much more.

Grade of solid wood flooring: Country classification: three grades of first-class products, first-class products, qualified products, high quality.

Environmental protection level: The country has not made corresponding standards.

Abrasion resistance level: The surface abrasion resistance index of the top-quality solid wood floor lacquer board is ≤0.08g / 100r; the first-class product is ≤0.10g / 100r; the qualified product is ≤0.15g / 100r.

Paint film hardness: It reflects the strength of the paint film on the surface of solid wood flooring. It has a close relationship with the material of the solid wood floor and the thickness and material of the paint film itself. The national standard stipulates that the hardness index of the solid wood floor paint film is 2H; And qualified products ≥H.

Paint film adhesion: It reflects the adhesion strength of paint to solid wood flooring. Failure of this index also indicates that the paint quality of the floor is poor, which may cause paint to crack or even peel in use, which also affects the service life of the floor. National standards stipulate that the adhesion index of superior quality solid wood floor paint film is 0 to 1; first-class products ≤ 2; qualified products ≤ 3

Moisture content index: refers to the moisture content of solid wood flooring in the unsealed or freshly removed packaging state in the sales area. Failure of this index will cause the floor to deform, warp, arch or leave the seam during use, which will affect the appearance and performance. National standards stipulate that the moisture content index of solid wood flooring is 7% to the equilibrium moisture content of the sales place.

Chromatic aberration: This is the key. Many solid wood disputes are here. It is unrealistic for people to demand the same natural color difference of solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring must have chromatic aberration. Chromatic aberration is natural and unavoidable. This is determined by natural attributes. Therefore, the state has no requirements for chromatic aberration when formulating relevant standards.

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